Wild burros in rangeland (photo courtesy of D. Lile)

Welcome!  Research interests of the Baldwin lab broadly apply to the realm of wildlife management with a particular focus on resolving human-wildlife conflicts.  Expanding human populations have led to increasing interaction with a variety of wildlife species.  In many situations, conflict occurs.  Many options can exist for mitigating this conflict depending on each specific situation. It is our goal to develop strategies to effectively reduce this conflict while having the least impact on human and wildlife populations.  Please check out this website for more information.


Radio-collared California vole


   Wild turkey in vineyard

sq.jpgCalifornia ground squirrel


Pocket gopher mounds in alfalfa field



Got wild pig damage?  We need your help!

UC Cooperative Extension Advisors and Specialists have created a survey to collect information about wild pig damage.  If you experience wild pig damage on your property, please consider taking the time to complete the following survey:   


Additional details about the survey can be found in the link provided.  Your responses will help guide future efforts at managing this damaging species. 

We have created a mobile app that can be used to monitor the extent of damage caused by wild pigs.  If you are interested in more information about this mobile app, please click here.


 Wild pigs and associated rooting damage (photo Courtesy of the Tejon Ranch Conservancy)

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