Current Students:

None at this time.  I am not currently accepting students, but feel free to check back from time to time as new opportunities may arise.
Graduated Students:
Kristina.jpg Kristina Wolf
 Degree:  Ph.D. (completed 2016) from Graduate Group Ecology
 Title:  Examinations of the ecology, management, and restoration of
 rangeland ecosystems
 Current position: Research Coordinator, Russell Ranch Sustainable  
 Agriculture Facility, Agricultural Sustainability Institute, U.C. Davis
Laurel checking trap.jpg Laurel Sellers
 Degree:  M.S. (completed 2015) from Graduate Group International  
 Agricultural Development
 Title:  Impact of field border plantings on rodents and food safety concerns
 Current position: Soil Conservationist for USDA/Natural Resource  
 Conservation Service